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Thinking today about tomorrow
A big part of the materials we use is made out of wood. We benefit from its availability and we are aware of its beauty and uniqueness, as well as our clients. This fact gives us a certain level of responsibility to preserve woods, not only for us, but also for the future generations, since it is indeed a livelihood for humans, all sorts of plants and animals.

For this reason we have decided to support actively the reforestation of rainforests.

Reforestation of destroyed rainforest sites
For each built stand area, we make a donation to the OroVerde Project “Baum für Baum” (=Tree for tree). New seedlings are planted in the National Park Sierra del Lacandón, located in Guatemala, in order to be planted out later on destroyed or degraded rainforest sites. For example, a donation of 111€ corresponds to a new 1000 m² rainforest - that produces a lot of carbonic acid gas, which is an important contribution to climate change! The National Park Sierra del Lacandón is the habitat for a multitude of animal and plants species and also native country for approx. 16.000 people. The advanced deforestation process and the activity of burning rainforests represent therefore a big threat to all local species, human and vegetal. “Donating rainforest” means then “Proposing alternatives”. Thank to donations, local peasants have also the chance to attend courses and to learn how to practice a sustainable agriculture, avoiding in this way a constant destruction of forests.

Using local wood instead of tropical timber
Because of the continuous demand for exotic timber, its reserve has fallen drastically in the last couple of years. Due to the constant over exploitation, many tree species are now at high risk.

We are firmly against this trend because even though some sorts of timber are sold with quality certificates, this does not mean that these tree species are not endangered.